Top 10 er 17 items for 2011


Top 17 things I'm looking forward to in 2011. (I tried to compile a top 10 list but I just couldn't contain myself.)

1) First bite of the first pimento cheese sandwich of the week at the Masters. I will have lost 30 pounds by then on my Big New 2011 diet. Masters week will be my cheat week.

2) A healthy Paula Creamer.

3) Impressing Brandel Chamblee with big fancy words I'm learning from the thesaurus app on my new iPad. Brandel will be ebullient. (look it up)

4) Watching Louis Oosthuizen, Graeme McDowell, and Martin Kaymer back up their major seasons.

5) Trying to finally figure out how to pronounce Oosthuizen ... I've just figured out how to spell it, I think?  

6) Seeing how Tiger Woods responds in 2011. Based on the progress he made late in 2010, I'm bullish on Tiger.  

7) Good health for Phil Mickelson and his family.

8) Watching Lee Westwood in the majors. He better pick up that first major victory before he gets to the PGA in Atlanta in August, which is a bit more humid than Nottingham Forest any time. I know he's in great shape, but southern summers aren't  so hospitable to the English. Remember what happened at the end of 'Frosty the Snowman?'

9) Seeing who 'un-retires' back to the LPGA.

10) Figuring out how to use the fashionable pocket squares that came with the shiny new suits I will debut on 'Golf Central' in January. I've got a 'tie a tie' app, but so far nothing for 'pocket square installation.'

11) Watching Fred Couples continue to make 50 look like the new 30.

12) Seeing which announcer gets put in timeout first for sleeping through their alarm and whiffing 'Morning Drive' on Golf Channel. Jim Furyk should be the first live guest.

13) Hopefully Rickie Fowler will come out of hIs shell and go for some more vibrant color ensembles. The dreamsicle orange just seems so dull to me now. And oh yeah, win baby, win!

14) Listen to McDowell talk ... about anything. That dude should do voice-over. He grew up in Northern Ireland and was educated in Alabama. Those two things go together like biscuits and gravy.  

15) Figure out why I wasn't on Furyk's Christmas list. I know he had a big budget. I checked my front stoop for a smoked turkey and pecan pie every day in December. Zippo.  

16) Ditto for Matt Kuchar ...

17) And finally, continue to have more followers on Twitter than Chamblee. That really chaps the little fella, especially since he thinks I don't even no how to read and right.