Top 10 things Ive learned at Golf Channel


It's been a year since I began work as an analyst at Golf Channel. It's been so much fun that it seems like only a month. Being on live television nearly every day has its challenges and it certainly keeps me on my toes.

Here is a list of the top 10 things that I have learned as I approach my second year on the job:

1. Steve Sands has the best chair in the office. Steal it when he is on the road. It normally takes him a few days to locate and reclaim it upon his return.

2. Rich Lerner has a giant box of ties in his cubicle and is apparently oblivious to the fact that they are dissappearing one at a time.

3. It is very important to remove makeup after a show. The primary reason is to not scare the kids when getting home after work. The secondary reason is for zit prevention. In my wildest dreams these are two things I never thought I would have to consider at any point in my life.

4. Look into the camera that has the red light on top of it, especially if there is a guy with a headset standing beside it waving his arms wildly while pointing at that particular camera.

5. Don't forget No. 4.

6. Never eat any of the 'fresh' items out of the vending machine in the middle break room. They don't call that machine 'The Wheel of Death' for nothing.

7. Kraig Kann hits it nowhere with his driver. Todd Lewis putts so bad it looks like he is using a chipper. I could fix both of them in 5 minutes but it's more fun to watch them suffer.

8. Tom Abbott speaks with a British accent but he was actually born and raised in rural Houston County, Ga. He saw a James Bond movie while in the sixth grade and figured that talking like 007 was his best chance of getting a date to the middle school dance. At this point he actually thinks that he is British.

9. If you are having a grumpy day and don't feel like doing your hit on the 6 p.m. 'Golf Central' then pulling the fire alarm is not necessarily the best idea.

10. The camera guys work harder than anyone at Golf Channel so NEVER make fun of them. Unless you have something really hilarious.