Top-10 takeways from Friday


Top-10 takeaways from Friday’s fourball fiasco at the Ryder Cup:

10. “Sun” is not exactly the adjective you’d like to have on the label when purchasing gear for rain.

9. With all of the technology advancements made in sports equipment, reverting to a bag circa 1965 is not a good idea.

8. When you’re used to having an unlimited clothing budget, what’s the big deal with having two rain suits?

7. Playing yourself on a video game of the Ryder Cup is pretty cool. Except when you should actually be playing in the Ryder Cup.

6. With the premiere of the movie “Social Network,” based on Facebook, Twitter is taking a hit in the U.S. but not in Europe.

5. You know you have a PR problem when companies are issuing official statements that they are not associated with your product.

4. Paul Azinger captained the 2008 Ryder Cup team.

3. U.S. team officials bought 20 new rainsuits for their 12 players and 12 caddies. Rain expected to continue through the weekend. No one sits the bench here on out. Pavin said the new format was thought up by people smarter than he.

2. It’s getting harder to forget Stewart Cink.

1. Changing the game mid-contest is not an infraction of the rules, especially when it benefits Colin Montgomerie.