Tour to adopt Olympic-like qualification process for World Cup


The PGA Tour plans to adjust the qualification process for this year’s World Cup to more closely mirror the selection format that will be used when golf returns to the 2016 Olympic Games, has learned.

The new process will be based on the World Golf Ranking through Sept. 23, like previous years, but the 60-player field will likely have some countries with only one player in the field while others may have as many as four.

Countries with up to four players within the top 15 in the World Ranking can send all four to Royal Melbourne in November for the World Cup. Conversely, a country with just one player who qualifies could send that player to compete.

This year’s World Cup will feature an individual competition as well as a team component that will be determined via an aggregate score, a move that should allow more countries to compete in the event which will be played Nov. 21-24.

England, Wales and Scotland would send their own teams to the event – unlike the Olympics when they would play under the Great Britain flag – and the Irish team would consist of players from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Using the current rankings, four players from the U.S. would qualify – although Nos. 1 and 2, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, haven’t played in the event since 2002 – as would England. Three players from South Africa would also currently qualify.