Trump upset with wind farms in Scotland


Donald Trump took to the Scottish parliament on Wednesday, claiming he was misled about a proposed wind farm slated to be erected near the golf resort he is completing in Aberdeen.

Trump told the economy, energy and tourism committee he was assured by a pair of officials that the project would not happen. 

'I felt betrayed, because I invested my money based on statements that were made to me,' said Trump.

Citing his support for other forms of renewable energy, including the use of water turbines, Trump said wind farms will be 'one of the most serious problems Scotland will have or has had.' Trump claimed the farms are inefficient, expensive and can kill wildlife, according to the BBC.

When challenged to provide evidence to support his claims, Trump said, 'I am the evidence. I am a world-class expert in tourism'

Trump said he would abandon the full completion project - including a second golf course, a five-star hotel and luxury housing - if the wind farm was constructed. It would be less than 1.2 miles from the resort.

'Now I invested tens of millions of pounds, I've completed my site ahead of schedule. I built something that is spectacular - even my enemies say the most spectacular - and really good,' Trump said.

Trump added, 'Lots of very smart people with a lot of money are looking to invest in different parts of the world - when they see what happened to me and the way I've been treated, they're not going to be investing in Scotland.'