Tweets of the Day: June 23, 2012


The golf world uses Twitter to share news and offer a glimpse into players’ lives and thoughts. Here are the best tweets from the past 24 hours.

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The persistent rain delay on Friday at the Travelers Championship left John Peterson unhappy.

@JohnPetersonLSU Rain delays are about as fun as stubbing your toe on a thumbtack

Kelly Kraft noticed a pattern in Peterson's observations.

@kkraft11 @JohnPetersonLSU what's up with you and thumb tacks lately?

If you think Miguel Angel Jimenez has a strange warm-up routine, let Kip Henley tell you about what Padraig Harrington does.

@KipHenley Paddy Harrington has this Happy Gilmore warm up routine where he runs up to his driver and smashes it. I thought I saw a flame on his last 1

Angela Stanford is reflecting on the 40th anniversary of the signing of Title IX into law.

@Angela_Stanford Great day to remember how lucky I have been to have sports apart of my life. #TitleIX

Stewart Cink is not too optimistic about the outcome of steaming his clothes.

@stewartcink Hmm for some reason I cannot see this having a good ending..

Twitter can be great for communication - even communicating about miscommunication.

@jeehaeda sorry @themichellewie. i went to the wrong ye's sushi. #epicfail.

Finally, Scott Langley may be becoming a jaded traveler.

@Scott_Langley Commence epic rush to get bags from overhead compartment...wait 15 minutes standing in aisle to get off plane! #standard