Tweets of the Day: May 1, 2012


The golf world uses Twitter to share news and offer a glimpse into players’ lives and thoughts. Here are the best tweets from the past 24 hours.

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Lexi Thompson had some 'wings' driving home.

@Lexi So jammed out the whole drive, 3 redbulls and 10 hours later and I'm home from Alabama! #drovethewholeway #goodtobehome

Y.E. Yang celebrated a holiday in his home country.

@Y_E_Yang Today is Labour day in Korea. ??? ??(Korean translation). Golf outing with Boucheron.

Karen Stupples had a pretty productive Monday.

@Kstupples All in all I had a pretty good day today, worked on improving my game, had a workout then went shopping for trousers, #smallersizeneeded

Two-time U.S. Open champion Lee Janzen was unaware he had imposters running around claiming to be him.

@LeeJanzen I didnt know being me was such a sought after idea. Some days I should use an alias RT @pencoed16: @LeeJanzen are u the real lee janzen

Finally, pros pay attention. They watch tournaments, too.

@JessicaKorda SOOOOO SOOOO SOOOOOOO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR @JohnnyDelPrete for qualifying for this weeks nation wide tour event! :) #65 #boom #droppinbombs