Tweets of the Day: May 30, 2012


The golf world uses Twitter to share news and offer a glimpse into players’ lives and thoughts. Here are the best tweets from the past 24 hours.

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Here's a travel tip from a couple of pros: Jet lag returning to the U.S. from Europe is a good thing.

@IanJamesPoulter Morning guys, i'm having no problem sleeping in, jet lag none coming west. time to get stuck into some more boxes. square eyes soon

@Graeme_McDowell Love some west jetlag. Flew into Orlando last night from Dublin, couldn't keep my eyes open by 9pm. Wake up at 7am feeling million bucks

Now that he's rested from a few days at Wentworth, G-Mac may regret the decision not to play at Memorial.

@Graeme_McDowell Unfortunately no-one can play every week and we set our schedules and try to stick to them. When I sit out a week like this I get itchy!

Jason Dufner had a fun flight of his own.

@JasonDufner Oh my goodness. My favorite reality star on my flight to ATL. NeNe from Atl housewives!!!

Bubba Watson held a concert last night in Columbus called 'Bubba's Bash,' and the Golf Boys were in attendance.

@BenCraneGolf Hanging w a couple friends back stage at Bubba Bash @RickieFowlerPGA @HunterMahan

Dustin Johnson is done experimenting with facial hair.

@DJohnsonPGA Early to bed, early to rise. Headed to breakfast and then ProAm at 8:30!! Yeah, #BeardWatch is over. It was an itchy mess!!

Finally, Ernie Els may have felt a little old yesterday, courtesy of Jeff Overton.

@CH3golf Asked Ernie Els last time he played wooden driver, 94. Jeff Overton says 'I didn't start playing golf until 95!' Wow.