Twenty-seven unforgettable minutes


AUGUSTA, Ga. – Who turned the switch in the middle of the round?

That magic dial Augusta National officials must have in a control room somewhere in the clubhouse looked like it was going to be set to “Ouch, this hurts” for another entire day with scoring difficult early and little excitement to be enjoyed. But it was as if somebody turned the dial to “Most thrilling 27 minutes in Masters history” late in the afternoon.

Lee Westwood went from five shots ahead to one down in those 27 minutes.

The roars that came one after another had to have sent chills down the spines of even the most experienced patrons.

In a short spell, the grounds erupted with roars for Phil Mickelson’s eagle at the 13th and 14th holes, Freddie Couples’ eagle at the 15th, Ricky Barnes’ chip in for birdie at the 13th and Mickelson’s near third eagle in a row at the 15th.