Waiting to celebrate in Nunez Ga


BOISE, Idaho As Blake Adams tries to win his first Nationwide Tour event today in Boise, Golf Channel might not see a ratings spike in his hometown.

'Of the 36 houses in Nunez, Ga., I'm not sure how many have the Golf Channel,' Adams told me prior to his final round.  'But I know some of them do because they always let me know they were watching.'

Nunez has 131 residents, according to the most recent census and, 'A couple of churches, a post office, and a gas station that I don't think even sells gas,'  Adams said.  So where will the residents go to get celebratory supplies?  'We have a Super Wal-Mart about 12 miles away.  It gets pretty busy sometimes,' Adams said with a country smile. 'The best part about living there is that it feels like we're a million miles from everything.'