Walker Cup offers personal setting


ARDMORE, Pa. – Part of the Walker Cup’s appeal is that fans walk inside the ropes.

For fans who have never been to the event, it's a unique experience. After standing behind ropes around the tee boxes, you can scurry out alongside the players as those players and their caddies walk up fairways. The galleries form semi-circles around players as they hit their approach shots.

With Saturday's weather improving, thousands of fans will get this up-close-and-personal experience during the afternoon singles.

It’s especially fun for fans following a player like Brian Harman, who has finished up at the University of Georgia and will turn pro after these matches. Harman’s a fiery player who wears his emotions on his face. After a shot to the 15th green failed to carry the way he wanted Saturday morning, he smirked toward his playing partner, Morgan Hoffmann, and flipped his club in disgust toward his bag. He slapped his thigh with his glove. You can get so close in this setting, you feel those emotions more. It adds a lot to the experience. You can get a much better feel for the shot being played and you can often hear players and caddies talking about shots.