Watson shows comedic side on talk shows


After starting his Tuesday in Orlando on 'Morning Drive,' Masters champion Bubba Watson flew to New York to make the rounds for several television interviews. Watson appeared on 'Late Show with David Letterman' on CBS and the CNN program 'Piers Morgan Tonight.' He was interviewed by Charlie Rose for 'CBS This Morning' early on Wednesday and was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.'

Asked by Letterman to describe his game, Watson simply said, 'Awesome.' He added, 'It's working so far.'

It wasn't always that way, however. Watson described the self-frustration he has overcome in the last few years with the help of his caddie, Ted Scott, and wife, Angie. 

Letterman took it as an opportunity to ask him about the club-kicking fit of Tiger Woods in the second round at Augusta. Watson admitted to having a similar incidents in his career, but with a caveat.

'Yes, but never on camera,' he joked. 'Well nobody knew who I was until I won.'

Watson downplayed the attention he has received for the win, basking in the moment with his family.

'Money's not a big, important thing to us. Being famous, showing off or anything like that – that moment just overwhelms you,' he said to the CNN host. Talking about the final putt to Morgan, Watson joked, 'I definitely wasn't thinking about this show.'

Watson said the win honors the people who knew, loved and stuck by him to this point – his parents, grandparents, friends and, especially Angie. Though she was not at Augusta, Watson described their brief emotional conversation after the win.

'She didn't say much. We talked for five minutes on course there. She said, 'I love you and can't wait to see you.' She said it's going to be amazing for Caleb to see these videos,' Watson said to Morgan. 

Watson called Morgan a 'p***k' from his time on the NBC reality show 'America's Got Talent,' citing his harsh assessment of the contestants as the reason he granted the interview to the former editor of the Daily Mirror and News of the World.

'So, I wanted to come here and make fun of you just like you make fun of everyone else,' he said.