Web.com Tour final money projections can be confusing


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – You want volatility?

You want confusing projections of final outcomes?

The FedEx Cup has nothing on the Web.com Tour Finals.

With a 7-under-par 63 in Thursday’s start of the Web.com Tour Championship, Ashley Hall is projected to go from the proverbial outhouse to the penthouse in the Web.com Tour Finals. He’s the first-round leader.

Hall started this week 113th on the Web.com Tour Finals money list with zero dollars in earnings. He missed the cut in the first three of the four events in the Finals series, but he’s now projected to win a PGA Tour card. If today were Sunday, Hall would finish fifth on the Web.com Finals money list.

Here’s where things can get confusing.

There will be 50 PGA Tour cards awarded Sunday, but 25 of them have already been secured by the top 25 money winners from the Web.com Tour regular season. While the top 25 money winners from the regular season do not have to play the Finals series to earn PGA Tour cards, they continue to play to try to improve their priority ranking for access into PGA Tour events next year.

That’s what makes figuring out what’s at stake come Sunday confusing.  It means if you want to see who is currently projected on the bubble to win the 25th and final PGA Tour card not already secured in the regular season, you must sift out the names of those who have already secured cards in the regular season.

If the Web.com Tour finals concluded Thursday, Henrik Norlander would claim the 25th and final PGA Tour card not secured in the regular season. He’s 34th on the projected Finals money list, but there are nine players ahead of him on the projected money list who have already secured cards in the regular season. This is confusing because that 25th and final card is based on a money-list number that floats. By week’s end, the guy who claims the last card available might be 38th on the Finals money list.