Westwood will bump Mickelson in world rankings


NEWPORT, Wales – Phil Mickelson didn’t just fail to move up and take the No. 1 ranking from Tiger Woods this PGA Tour season. He’s going backwards.

According to the European Tour gurus overseeing the Official World Golf Rankings, Lee Westwood will rise to No. 2 when Monday’s newest rankings come out with Mickelson dropping to No. 3.

Oddly, Westwood hasn’t played a tournament in eight weeks. It’s a function of the ranking's two-year rolling period and Mickelson losing more points than Westwood.

Westwood’s goal is to become the next No. 1 player, and he’s excited that his time away hasn’t hurt his chances.

“Nobody's stepped up to the plate and grasped the bat and run with it really and gone away from me,' Westwood said. 'I'm quite fortunate in that regard. I expected people around me to, especially with the tournaments that we have been playing, and with so many world ranking points available in the FedEx Cup, I expected to be farther behind than I am. So I'm quite pleased with the position I'm still in.'