Westwood in market for new putting coach


After his putting performance at the Masters, world No. 3 Lee Westwood is in the market for a new flat-stick coach. Westwood has parted ways with Phil Kenyon, who has been with the Englishman for about a year.

'I don’t know how much difference Kenyon’s made. I don’t think he’s made any. Whether that stays the same or not, hmmm. But Lee will keep working,' said agent Chubby Chandler, according to The Sun.

Among the 62 players who made the cut at Augusta National, Westwood ranked 59th in putts per round. While it can be a misleading statistic, the Englishman took eight more putts than champion Bubba watson for the week. Westwood missed the playoff by two shots.

'The funny thing was that (Westwood) putted better the more pressure he was under,' Chandler observed. “He made four birdies in the last six holes. That’s encouraging.'

Westwood, Chandler says, is resolute in his quest to win a major after 54 unsuccessful attempts.

“He said he either keeps plugging away until his turn comes or gives up. And he is no a quitter,' he said.