Whans game isnt bad for a commissioner


In case you’re wondering, the LPGA’s new commissioner plays golf.

Michael Whan, however, doesn’t have an official handicap.

“I don’t actually have one posted anywhere, but I’m about a 10,” he said.

Whan, 44, grew up in Chicago but his family moved to Cincinnati before his freshman year of high school. He lived in a house about a mile from Coldstream Country Club, where he got a job on the maintenance crew in the summer.

“The only reason I joined the groundscrew was so I could play for free in the afternoon,” Whan cracked. “I’d get up at 5:30 and cut the greens, go home and sleep for an hour and then go back and play golf.”

Whan’s father and mother both played golf, though his mother took it up later in life.

“My dad always believed that the game of golf was more than just a sport, it was more than just competition, it was life lessons,” Whan said. “Sometimes when you're 12, 13, 14 years old, you don't realize you're learning them, but as I think back to the lessons I apply to life every day, a lot of them come right off the golf course.”