Whats recklessly irresponsible


The arrest of a doctor who treated Tiger Woods is fueling suspicion golf may not be immune from the great scourge of sports in this era. Dr. Anthony Galea, arrested on charges of selling an unapproved drug and conspiracy to import an unapproved drug, is suspected of providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs, according to sources cited by The New York Times.

These reports prompted a strong response from Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent.

'The treatment Tiger received is a widely accepted therapy, and to suggest some connection with illegality is recklessly irresponsible,' Steinberg wrote in an e-mail to the Associated Press.

That, in turn, prompted a strong response from Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke.

“You know what's really recklessly irresponsible?” Plaschke wrote. “Dealing with a doctor who has a history of using and prescribing the banned HGH substance, that's what. If a guy is a chronic cheater off the course, what kind of leap is required to believe he could be the same sort of cheater on the course? All the healers in the world, the best money can buy, and Woods chooses an eccentric 50-year-old HGH peddler who not only prescribes it to older patients, but says he injects himself five days a week to keep up with a wife who, he says, is 22 years younger?”

So all you folks out there in the court of public opinion, who do you side with on this one? Steinberg or Plaschke?