Who would you want playing with your life on the line


Who’s the best player in the world today?

Forget the world rankings, the money lists, Paul Azinger offers a dramatic methodology, a dramatic question to determine who it is.

Azinger intentionally goes over the top, but he posed a question to make a point this week on West Virginia MetroNews radio’s Tee to Green show co-hosted by former PGA Tour pro Bob Friend and Fred Persinger.

Who would you want playing for you if your life was on the line?

“It would be me, because nobody loves me more than me,” Azinger said. “However, to understand my point, would you let Lee Westwood play for your life? Would you let Luke Donald or Martin Kaymer or any of them? You wouldn’t do it. You would let Tiger [Woods] do it, and the reason is because mentally he’s in another place.'

It should be noted Azinger made the comment before the injury news to Woods came out this week.

“Is he playing better than anybody else?' Azinger said. 'No, he’s not, but he’s one of the greatest players ever to live, and he’s ever so slightly past his prime. The world rankings intent was to market and promote the player. IMG created the world rankings, and the intention was to market and promote the player. It was never intended to exempt players in the field, and so whoever is the No. 1 player in the world, more power to them.”