Why are we making the game more difficult


There are roughly 26 million golfers in the U.S. That number is fairly stagnant because every year the same amount of people quit the game as take it up.


Mostly because the game is too hard. And what are the “governing bodies” doing about it? Trying to make the game even harder. Golfers that play this game need to have hope. They need to know that a bunch of white-lab-coat scientists are sitting in a room using laser beams and nanotechnology and Boolean logic to make the game easier. To make it more enjoyable.

Don’t take the hope away. Don’t kill innovation. The cat is out of the bag. The cat likes being out of the bag. Don’t force the cat back in the bag.

Where do we draw the line on technology rollback? Do we need to go back to the gutta percha? That’ll show us who the real ball strikers are. How about featheries? No, anybody can chip a feathery. I got it. Let’s all go back to playing with shepherd crooks and rocks. That’ll truly show us who the best players are.