Why not ban lefties while we're at it?


While the organizing bodies are in a banning mood, I've got another issue that needs to be addressed. Using the same logic that is applied in the proposed ban on the anchored stroke, I think it's appropriate to consider banning left-handed swings.

I know it's been legal for quite some time but it just looks nontraditional. The game has been played for 600 years and only in the last 100 or so years have people played from the wrong side of the ball. When shepherds first started whacking granite rocks into rabbit holes with their crooks they never intended for anyone to stand on the wrong side.

Ever see any pictures of lefties in old black-and-white photos hanging in museums?  Didn't think so.

This banning is something that should have happened when lefties first started playing but it didn't seem like there were very many of them and the lefties that did play back then weren't very good. Lefties are winning major championships now for heavens sake!  Something has to be done. And don't make the mistake of assuming that this is a performance issue. Just like anchored putting, there is no hard data showing definitively that this is a better way to play. It's purely about aesthetics. It just doesn't look right. Usage is on the rise. Just look at Canada.

Banning lefties needs to be done for the good of the game. It's about the future. This is about what the game is going to look like 50 years from now. We have junior golfers that have adopted the left-handed style. And the banning is not an equipment issue. Left-handed clubs will still be legal. Players just have to use them from the 'proper' side of the ball. And it's very unlikely that players currently using the left-handed style will choose to quit the game. Golfers play because they love the challenge.They will adapt. They won't quit. This won't stifle innovation.  

As for the left-handed golfers who have won tournaments – from major championships down to club events – there will be no stigma attached to their victories. People will understand that those tournaments were won under then existing rules and no asterisks will be placed by the winner's name.

Ben Hogan was left-handed. He sucked it up and learned to play from the proper side. The same is true for Jack Nicklaus. Unlike anchored putting, playing lefty may actually be a better way to play. Bob Charles and Phil Mickelson are right-handed and play left-handed because they play better that way. So, seems to me that there are stronger reasons to ban left-handed swings than anchored strokes.