Wie and death threats


Has Michelle Wie received death threats?

Before teeing it up at the Ricoh Women’s British Open, Wie suggested she has received them while appearing to laugh them off.

Asked about the abundance of bodyguards she had the last time she played at Royal Lytham & St. Annes three years ago, she said:

“It really wasn't my decision,” Wie said, according to the transcript of her Women’s British Open news conference. “I wasn't like, `I want ten guards with me because I'm just that cool.’ It wasn't really that kind of stuff. It was just the tournament believed that I might need that extra. But it just depends on the week and depends how many death threats I get that week (laughs). I guess this week it's only a couple, so I'm not in that much danger this week (laughs).”

She was asked if she has had other death threats in the past.

“Not directly to my face, but I'm sure there are, that I haven't heard yet. But I haven't heard anyone to my face.”

The exchange became odd with another follow up reading as if the reporter were slightly scolding Wie for raising the topic if she weren’t serious. Here’s the transcript excerpt of that:

Q. I just wanted to clear it up, the thing about death threats. I'm assuming that's entirely tongue-in-cheek and no tournament has ever received them and your management company hasn't received them and no one has ever received them secondhand and this was an entirely tongue-in-cheek comment, because Tiger (Woods) has seriously received death threats.

WIE: Well, you always have to sign these forms in tournaments, like if you receive a death threat, do you want to be informed or not, and I'm like, no, I don't want to know. I'm still alive, I'm still breathing and it's all good (laughs).

Q. In the future, will you watch how you phrase your responses? 
WIE: Well, I don't think I said anything bad here, you know, it's just I think security detail is important in tournaments especially when you're playing.