Wie relishes the misery of juggling college golf


RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. – Michelle Wie says balancing college and golf can make her want to pull her hair out, but she loves the juggling act anyway.

“Finals were miserable, they went horribly,” Wie said Tuesday at the Kraft Nabisco Championship. “They seem to go more horribly every year.”

Wie, a senior at Stanford, says that with a smile while also telling you that she relishes the dual nature of her life.

“Sometimes, it’s so stressful that I want to pull my hair out,” Wie said. “But other times, it’s really nice, because when I get stressed out from golf, I go back to school and I have something else to stress out about. When I’m studying for a test, golf becomes so easy compared to an exam. It’s been really good for me.

“It’s one of the smartest decisions I’ve made, going to college, because it made me grow up in ways that I could not do if I didn’t go, like living on my own, learning to do stuff, like juggling time because nobody is really telling you to go to class. No one is telling you to practice. It’s really self-motivated stuff. It made me grow up a lot. It made me just a more well-rounded person.”

While Wie typically takes off the spring quarter to concentrate on golf, she’s decided to enroll this spring in a bid to earn her degree by March of next year.

“I’m actually missing the first week of school right now,” she said. “I’m going back after this week.”

Wie's in her fourth year at Stanford with communications her major.

'I'll stay for an extra two quarters, so I'll be a super senior next year,' she said.

Wie said arriving for the Kraft Nabisco Championship is as exciting as it was when she was 13 and tied for ninth in her first appearance in the championship in 2003. She shot 66 in the third round that year and played in the final group on Sunday. She tied for third at the Kraft Nabisco in '06.

Really, '06 was Wie's last big year in the majors. She also tied for third at the U.S. Women's Open that year and tied for fifth at the LPGA Championship. Recovering from injury, then focusing on college, became priorities.

Still, at No. 9 in the Rolex world rankings, with a second-place finish at the Honda LPGA Thailand last month and a tie for seventh at the Kia Classic last week, Wie is among the players to watch this week.