Woods cited for careless driving police investigation over


ORLANDO –The Florida Highway Patrol will not pursue any criminal charges against Tiger Woods based on its investigation into Woods' accident outside his Isleworth mansion late early Friday morning, the FHP reported in a news conference at its Orlando headquarters Tuesday afternoon.

As reported first by GolfChannel.com, FHP is issuing a careless driving citation to Woods, which comes with a $164 fine and a dock of four points on his driving record. FHP Major Cindy Williams announced the investigation is complete.

'The Florida Highway Patrol is not pursuing criminal charges in this matter nor is there any testimony or other evidence to support any additional charges of any kind other than the charge of careless driving,' Sgt. Kim Montes said.

Montes said the State Attorney's office determined there was insufficient evidence to issue a subpoena for medical information related to Woods’ treatment after the crash.

Windermere police stated early in the investigation that officers on the scene did not suspect alcohol was involved.

'We cannot speak to the existence of any blood evidence,' Montes said.

Montes said FHP gave no special treatment to Woods.

'Mr. Woods' status in no way impacted our investigation,' Montes said.

Montes also said there were no claims of domestic violence by any individual involved.