Woods doctor charged with giving NFL players drugs


Dr. Anthony Galea, the doctor who treated Tiger Woods with 'blood-spinning' therapy, has been charged by U.S. authorities with unlawfully treating professional football players with unapproved drugs, including human growth hormone.

Galea, of Toronto, is named in a federal criminal complaint filed Tuesday in Buffalo.

The complaint charges the doctor with lying to federal officials, smuggling, unlawful distribution of HGH, introducing the unapproved drug actovegin into interstate commerce and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Woods said at the Masters Tournament that Galea performed platelet-rich plasma treatments for his knee and Achilles tendon. He denied ever receiving any performance-enhancing drugs of HGH from Galea.

According to court documents, Galea's clients include at least three National Football League players. One allegedly had two HGH kits delivered to his home, and another allegedly received actovegin injections.

Galea also treated Major League Baseball players, but the charges pertain to the NFL players. No athletes were named.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.