Woods holds high expectations for Stanford football


NORTON, Mass. – School pride is a way of life for most PGA Tour players and Tiger Woods is no different.

On the eve of college football season, Woods was asked Thursday whether he holds any specific expectations for his Stanford team.

“Of course,” he said stone-faced. “Win every game.”

Woods isn’t just a fair-weather fan, either. He’s got enough knowledge to break down the Cardinal’s chances at a title this year.

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“We're either one to four, somewhere in there,” he said of the team’s ranking. “But that's all preseason stuff. You've still got to go out there and earn it. You've still got to go out and win the games and execute. Just because people pick you to be up there for a chance to go to a national championship game, that's all great and fun and all, but still you've got to go out there and earn it on the field. I'm excited for them, for the boys this year, Coach [David] Shaw has done a hell of a job taking over from where Jim [Harbaugh] left it and just has run with it. It's fantastic.”