Woods on injuries: 'Part of playing sports'


NORTON, Mass. – If it seems like Tiger Woods has been frequently injured over the years, there’s good reason.

It’s true.

Woods hasn’t played a full schedule – or as full as his schedule ever gets – since 2007, with various injuries to his knee, leg, neck and elbow among the ailments that have caused him to skip tournaments.

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On the heels of another injury to his back that – for now, at least – hasn’t caused him to miss any time, Woods spoke on Thursday about whether the increasing amount of injuries has him concerned.

“Well, it's part of playing sports, you know,” he said. “We push it and we have little knickknack injuries that happen. That's part of playing sports. And I've had plenty of surgeries over the course of my career, starting in '94, when I was in college. So it's the nature of what we do as an athlete. I try to do a lot of preventative things, but the nature of it is that we are subjecting our bodies to things that probably it wasn't meant to do.”

Woods previously missed the AT&T National and Greenbrier Classic earlier this year due to an elbow injury.