Woods mom offers support


Tiger Woods' mother, Kultida, was on hand at Ponte Vedra Beach to support her son. After Tiger finished with his statement, she spoke with the media saying:

“You know what? I’m so proud to be his mother. Period. This thing, it teaches him, just like golf. When he changes a swing… he wants to get better… He will start getting better… it’s just like that. Golf is just like life, when you make a mistake, you learn from your mistake and move on stronger. That’s the way he is.

“As a human being everyone has faults, makes mistakes and sins. We all do. But, we move on when we make a mistake and learn from it. I am upset the way [the] media treated him like he’s a criminal…he didn’t kill anybody, he didn’t do anything illegal… They’ve being carrying on from Thanksgiving until now, that’s not right!
“People don’t understand that Tiger has a very good heart and soul. Sometimes I think there is a complete double standard… He tried to improve himself.”
'When you make a mistake you learn from it and move on, that’s the way life is, that’s a human being. We're not good, and he never claimed he was God. If anyone tells me to condemn him, I say look at yourself first. ... I would … look in their eyes and tell them you’re not God!”
Asked about her emotions, she responded:  “Upset… This thing is a family matter… It’s not easy to be him. … [People] go to work 8 to 5 and go home to have a life with the family. Tiger can’t do that. You have to look at human side, human make mistake, he['s] not God.”