Woods recalls bitterly cold Muirfield in 2002


BETHESDA, Md. – Tiger Woods hopes to return from his elbow injury at next month’s Open Championship, which already has him recalling the last time that tournament was held at Muirfield, when heavy rains and wind permeated the course during a memorable third round.

“It hit when we were on the putting green, we were just about ready to go out,” Woods remembered. “I was playing with [Mark] O'Meara at the time, and we were just about ready to go out, and it just hit. You can see this wall of rain coming in.

“The forecast was just for maybe some showers, no big deal, whatever. But no one had forecast for the wind chill to be in the 30s. For it to be that cold – that was the thing.”

Woods posted an 81 that day – his highest score ever in a major championship round.

“No one was prepared for that. No one had enough clothes. Everything was soaked. It got to the point where the umbrella was useless. It was raining too hard, and it was too windy.”