Woods 'sad' to leave Sherwood after 15 years


THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Throughout the week, Tiger Woods believed a victory in the last Northwestern Mutual World Challenge to be contested at Sherwood Country Club would be bittersweet.

When he failed to win, it was merely bitter.

Afterward, though, Woods spoke about what the tournament has meant to the area and what the area has meant to the tournament.

“For us, we've raised 25 million dollars in this event alone in the 15 years,” he said. “So without this event we wouldn't be able to build the learning center which we did down in Orange County, and over 100,000 kids have gone through our facilities. We've had so many success stories. And it is very sad to obviously leave Sherwood, because there's so many great memories, for me personally.

“This was the last time my dad ever got a chance to watch me play live, and this event has always had special meaning for my father and I, and as I said, if we didn't have this event, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to build a learning center down in Anaheim.”