Woods strives to be better father than player


Tiger Woods has won 14 major titles in his career but hopes he is even more successful as a father to his children, Charlie (pictured) and Sam.

Asked in an interview with CSN Washington if he is a better father than golfer, Woods replied, 'God, I hope so.'

Woods wants to reciprocate to his children the joy he feels around them.

'They've made life better, plain and simple,' he said. 'When I'm with them, nothing else exists in the world. And that's really neat to be present like that and to feel that love, that warmth and that interaction because literally nothing else exists. The whole world disappears when I'm with them.'

Maybe not entirely. Woods is not always able to escape the day job when with his kids.

'We're in the backyard the other day, Charlie and I were just hitting balls,' Woods recalled. 'I hit a shot and I pulled it. I missed the green. And Charlie goes, 'Daddy, no, no, no. Like this!' and he hits it. I'm like, Are you kidding me? A 3-year-old telling me how to do my job.'