Woods Swing Afffected by Virgo Rising


E-mails have been flooding in from folks with strong opinions about Tiger Woods’ swing after his finish at The Players Championship.
The most unusual came from somebody named Sumeet with a Vedic Astrology perspective.
According to Sumeet, Woods is in the same transformational phase as he was in 2003-04, a frustrating time of hard work that precedes a dominant run.
Sumeet’s take, which is published at Vedicforecast.blogspot.com, relies less on Woods’ swing plane than on Virgo’s rising in the natal horoscope chart.
Sumeet writes that beginning June 11 – the week before the U.S. Open – various “raja yogas” activate in Woods’ chart, enabling him to contend strongly at the U.S. Open. Sumeet writes that this builds up through the summer with the stars lining up favorably in September through December for Woods to regain his dominant form.
So there you go.