The 2011 Callaway Razr X Forged Irons - COPIED


Callaway Golf has been producing one of the finest forged player’s cavity back irons on the market for nearly 4 years now. First with the 2007 X Forged and followed by the 2009 X Forged, Callaway has developed a strong following amongst both elite amateurs and tour players alike. In 2011 Callaway is scheduled to debut their latest and greatest iron geared toward elite players, the Razr X Forged.

The Razr X Forged is uncompromising in its design. Forged from incredibly soft 1020 Carbon Steel by none other than Endo (one of the most respected Japanese forging houses), the Razr X Forged utilizes new “Triple Net Forging” technology. This allows for extremely tight tolerances as well as high performing grooves that conform to the new groove policy recently adopted by the PGA Tour. With a thin topline, narrow sole, sharp leading edge, squared off toe, and overall short blade length, no word better describes this set of irons than precision. Just as a surgeon meticulously wields a scalpel during surgery, golfers who bag the Razr X Forged irons have the tools necessary to fire at pins, shape shots, and do whatever else is required of them.

Roger Cleveland seems to have left nothing on the table when designing the Razr X Forged irons. Considered one of the best golf club designers of all time, Roger Cleveland continues to push the envelope as he progresses and innovates the golf equipment industry.

Having already made their way into the bags of several PGA Tour professionals, the Razr X Forged have been warmly received on tour.

2011 looks like it will be a standout year for Callaway Golf. Come springtime, keep an eye out for the Razr X Forged as well as the rest of the new Callaway line up at your local golf shop.