The Buzzz Report - Cobra GOLF - L5V DRIVER


King Cobra L5V. This multi-material driver possesses Cobras largest, most-forgiving club face, and also features Adjustable Flight Technology, which allows golfers to maximize their personal distance and accuracy through ball flight adjustment.

Largest Face in Golf:
The King Cobra L5V claims to have the industrys largest club face. That and a milled Dual Rhombus Face insert help optimize ball speed by generating maximum Coefficient of Restitution (COR) across the entire face and delivering longer, straighter drives.
Multi-Material Technology:
The King Cobra L5Vs clubhead features a 6-4 Titanium body and face insert, complimented by an ultra-lightweight carbon composite crown and sole inserts. What does this mean? Higher launch and lower spin, which translates into more distance and accuracy.
Adjustable Flight Technology:
To optimize distinct ball flights and shapes, King Cobra L5V drivers feature an exclusive hosel design that enables golfers to easily adjust from the standard factory setting (0) to an increased draw-biased setting (1).
Every King Cobra L5V is equipped with a proprietary L5V torque wrench that inserts into the hosel screw port, so golfers can quickly and easily adjust the ball flight and/or change the shaft.
To allow for ideal weighting, every King Cobra L5V comes with a swingweight screw that helps balance the clubhead with the shaft. Each swingweight screw is specifically weighted for X, F or M stock Diamana Red Board shafts to maintain the ideal swingweight. There are also 30 custom shaft options available.
By defining ball speed, swing speed or driving distance, golfers can be matched with their ideal club loft, Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board shaft, and shaft weight - to maximize distance and accuracy.
L5V model/loftL5V X:8.5L5V F:9.5, 10.5L5V X:11.5
Current Ball Speed150+ mph125-155 mph110-140 mph
Current Swing Speed104+ mph87-108 mph76-97 mph
Current Avg. Drive265+ yards220-275 yards210-250 yards
Player ProfileTuned to give extreme ball speed players a high launch, lower spin and added workability, to optimize their distance and accuracy.Tuned to optimize fast ball speed players distance and accuracy by providing a slight draw-bias ball flight, high launch and low-to-mid spin.Tuned for moderate ball speed players to increase distance and forgiveness, with a maximum draw-bias clubhead, lighter shaft, extra-high launch and mid spin.

All of this is getting a lot of buzz out there. See what your peers are saying.
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Robert Head ROBOPTI of is quoted,
quick notes .. MUCH !!!!!!! lower launch ... Lower spin ... The rear weight screw is adjustable ... I posted a few of the 'gizmo' they are using for shaft - the face angle thing is super killer .. and when you detach the shaft - the screw stays in the head and the shaft backs out.
Much less carbon visible - The dents are MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! less obvious ... More metallic than L4 .. solid. Is it much less carbon sounding .. more higher pitch ... like a 425 with no hotmelt ... NOT nearly as loud - but def not muted. Def more a players club .. but still so COBRA.
Another review came from National Long Drive champion Brian Pavlet where he said on

I have both the L4V and the L5V and have been hitting both for the past 3 months. Here are my opinions. The L5V is more forgiving and has a much more solid sound and feel to it. I think it looks great at address and love the fact that I can change from square to open by changing the shaft insertion. Both have have a Voodoo in them. The L4 has a XVS9 and the L5 has a XVS6 and both feel great. Can't wait to put my GD in it. I really thought that it would be hard to improve on the L4 but I was very wrong. The L5 is definitely a lower spin driver and has a much flatter ball flight. Very easy to hit and has put my L4 in the garage.
For those that have a L4V and are looking to go with a L5V you are most likely going to have to go with a different set up. The L5V is a completely different animal and plays like one as well. This driver is low spin and I mean low spin. It also is a lower launch driver so keep that in mind when shaft hunting for a L5V.
Also, found out a few answers to some questions as well.
The MOI is 5300 , not sure at what weight but I will try to find out. The dimples, dents or whatever else you want to call them on the top of the club are a Cobra trademark that helps lower center of gravity. I think they look good.
The truth is - You can't go wrong with either L4 or L5 .. They are both awesome products from Cobra.
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Clubhead Material: 6-4 Titanium Body with 6-4 Titanium Face Insert, Carbon Composite Crown and Sole Section
Grip: Cobra Golf Pride New Decade 600R
Shaft: Cobra/Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana Red Board
LoftFace AngleLengthSwing WeightShaft WeightShaft TypeStock Flex RH/LH
*'D360gDiamana Red Board X/Speed TunedSRH
9.5-0.5-1.545.50'D350gDiamana Red Board F/Speed TunedR,SRH/LH
10.5-1.0-2.045.50'D350gDiamana Red Board F/Speed Tuned R,SRH/LH
11.5-2.0-3.045.50'D345gDiamana Red Board M/Speed TunedRRH/LH

*The X Model is available only through custom order.
Download high-res product image:

L5V - Sole/Face

L5V - Sole

L5V - Adjustable Hosel

L5V - Shafts
PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: King Cobra L5V drivers begin shipping on October 1, with a suggested retail price of $480.