Buzzz Report-TaylorMade calls foul on themselves


TaylorMade-adidas Golf ticketed itself for speeding when it found that some of its TP Red golf balls exceeded the USGAs initial velocity rule by less than two-tenths of one percent. A batch of balls with the TP Red cover was accidentally paired with the wrong core, prompting TaylorMade to send a letter to the USGA notifying them of the mistake. TaylorMade asked the USGA that all TP Red balls with the side stamp be removed from its Conforming Ball List effective March 2; they also switched to a new side stamp, , which preserves the same design and construction of the TP Red ball.
TaylorMade-adidas Golf sent out a release on Monday stating that the TP Red thats in the market now, with the original side stamp, conforms to the Rules of Golf, and that they can continue to be used in normal play, including those rounds in which scores are posted, for handicap purposes.
All USGA championships, PGA Tour events and other high-level competitions require the participants to use a ball that is on the USGAs Conforming Ball List. This rule typically excludes most tournaments on the club level. Check with your tournaments official: If you must play a ball on the conforming list, youll need a TP Red with the new side stamp.
To help you identify the conforming ball with the new side stamps, TaylorMade has placed a sticker in the top right-hand corner of its TP Red packages as well as on individual sleeves of balls reading TP Red Tournament Edition.

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