Diamanas Blue Diamond


By Apryl DeLancey
We first saw the Diamana Kaili at the PGA Merchandise Show in January. Everyone gathered around the Mitsubishi booth was absolutely buzzing with excitement at this latest offering from the company. Translated, the name Kaili means blue diamond, and the design is for the more advanced golfer who seeks more ball control. An ultra-thin, multi-layered carbon fiber material makes up the shaft ' all engineered at Mitsubishi from start to finish with a technology called MDI. This is the 'multi-dimensional interlay' that strategically positions multiple layers of their proprietary ultra-thin material at multiple angles of orientation through the entire shaft.
The Kaili has a multi-dimensional design that utilizes thin sheets of carbon arranged in a multi-layer structure to control torsional stiffness, stability, and elasticity. A mixture of unidirectional carbon fiber for stability coupled with high elastic modular carbon fiber make up 68 percent of the shaft. The result reinforces the shaft for control and dispersion while still giving it elasticity when storing and releasing energy during a swing. The Kaili is available in 60-, 70- and 80-gram ranges with lower torque and mid-high kickpoints. The Kaili is designed to give harder, more aggressive hitters the confidence and control they look for with a low- to mid-trajectory and a low spin shot.
The finish on the Kaili is remarkable in itself. This is what each angle of one shaft looks like - the color changes as you turn it.







The company touts a smooth, precise profile with stability and consistency during swing loading and unloading. This has a slightly firmer tip with less torque than the original Diamana Blue Board.