Hip to be Square


By Apryl DeLancey, GolfWRX.com Writer
For many golfers, looks are everything. Ive seen rants on the GolfWRX.com forums that are quite spirited to say the least. Some golfers are so particular that even a simple irons appearance at address can send them into a complete tailspin of emotion. Mention the square driver and the conversation becomes even more animated.
But recently, square driver proponents won two major battles. Stewart Cink used one ' the Nike SQ Sumo2 Tour ' in his Open Championship playoff win over Tom Watson, and a month earlier Lucas Glover sported the same driver in triumphing at the U.S. Open.
Nike SQ2 SoleNow, Ive said it before ' the appearance of a club is a fine thing but I really am not bothered by how loud or outside of the norm it may be. Let me just qualify that a bit for you: When you start out as a surfer/skater and take up golf later in life, you tend to be a bit more laid-back about the whole appearance thing. For example, I show up in proper attire to play each time but the design scheme of my golf bag is called punk rock and Ive got nearly every Tattoo Golf shirt in my golf wardrobe. Needless to say, I am unfettered if a club has busy graphics or a funky shape. Im really trying to shave strokes off my game.
When I first saw the square Nike Sumo drivers I definitely too notice. They stood out from the pack. Of course, I had to try them out and did so right along with the traditional-shaped Sumo at a demo day some time ago. Honestly, I didnt notice a difference in the feel or the way the ball responded off each face. Either one could make its way into my bag. So why the square shape? The idea is to make the ball fly straighter by redistributing weight back and toward the perimiter of the club, wide of the face, producing a higher Moment of Inertia (resistance to twisting). In addition to the Nike offering, Callaway has a square driver in the FT-i.
Nike SQ2 Driver TopAs I was saying, however, opinions on the GolfWRX.com forums run the spectrum:
Don't think I could get past the looks.
Noticeably more straight and longer but the shaft and face angle may have as much to do with it as the shape of the head.'
I was never really a fan, but then again, I am pretty traditional when it comes to golf clubs. I like a traditional-shaped driver head and the performance that it provides, especially the ability to work it either way. The only thing is that I probably want newer technology and a bigger clubhead than I currently have
Took me a bit to actually pull the trigger but after hitting it I can't see myself going back to another traditional-shape driver. Love the feel and I'm driving the ball better now than any time during the past 10 years.
I just can't get comfortable with them. I look down and see the square shape and it just looks all wrong to me. If I hit them straight, then I guess I would play one, but everything goes left for me until I put a pear-shaped driver back in front of me.
I think square drivers are hideous! The most horrendous-looking club creation since the Cleveland VAS irons [for those old enough to remember them].
Of course, this design will make it into bags of the average golfer more often now that majors are being won behind them. All it takes is a few of our favorite pros to show that it is indeed hip to be square.