Lamkin N-DUR Grips


By Apryl DeLancey
Senior Writer,

Lamkin N-DUR Grips with 3Gen Technology

Lamkin is set to launch new grips for the upcoming golf season and I recently tried out a set of their new N-DUR grips with 3Gen technology. The hexagon-patterned back panel is said to promote light tension and protects your hands from slipping at impact. The front comfort panel is designed to reduce fatigue and promote an ideal grip position which should result in being able to hit the ball longer with increased accuracy.

Feel: Being a fan of cord grips and still having a few installed on my longer irons, things may be about to change with these new grips. The combination of soft and firm honestly inspires confidence. Tending to grip the club too tight during my swing, less tension was felt on the top hand because of the tackiness in the bottom half of the N-DUR. There is shock absorption, making mis-hits less unpleasant. Not to say they have sensicore levels of dampening, but enough to make your hands happy.

Durability: After playing 36 holes there has not been the usual wear on my thumb. This is a two-tone grip with white being one of the primary colors. Using a mild soap and some water there was even a more impressive increase in tackiness without a hint of dirt. The latter was a definite plus.

Appearance: Having been impressed with all three color combos; white/red, white/blue, and white/black, they seem to have a little more length than other grips which is useful when choking down on wedges and short irons. The alignment was better than most other grips.

Performance: The lighter grip pressure seemed to add a few yards. Not saying this will happen for everybody, but if any grip is going to help this should be on your short list. There was no trouble with the club twisting even with sweaty hands.

Overall: The whole lineup for 2010 looks great and Lamkin’s new N-DUR and 3Gen Technology is poised to be a big player in this year's grip market. Having been waiting for an affordable high quality offering for quite some time and this grip at $6.99 will be a great alternative to some of the high end Japanese offerings. Look for these grips Mid-February. Find out more info on Lamkin’s website: