Never Compromise Gambler putters


By Ben Jackson, Editor

Never Compromise, once a prominent leader in the putter industry, has in recent years flown under the radar. With the imminent release of their much-hyped Gambler Series line of putters, they are looking to reemerge as a force to be reckoned with. Sporting a new logo alongside their limited-release Gambler series, Never Compromise is showing they are here to stay.

The Gambler line is forged from 303 stainless steel and comes in four different models: the Boat, the Straight, the Flush and the Royal. With names inspired from various poker hands, every model is finely crafted with classic design and modern construction. The sole of each model has machined into it customizable artwork making these putters more than just an ordinary flat stick, but rather a piece of playable art.

Sales of the limited Gambler line will be held to just 250 accounts, each of which will have a display rack holding either a 5 or 10 putters long with online sales directly through Never Compromise.

With the availability of customization, Never Compromise is going above and beyond the call of duty compared to most of their competitors. They offer choices of unique engravings and paint-fills, nearly limitless in options, all in an attempt to let the customer create their own personalized style.

Coming to market in February 2011, every Never Compromise Gambler series putter will have a serial number marked on the putter head and will be issued with a certificate of authenticity.