Pimp my Bag


New trends for cars, cell phones, computers, MP3 players and now golf equipment, is personalization. You can add your favorite number to your golf balls, your initials or logo on your shoes, golf tees, travel bags and much more. The latest trends we are seeing is the personal touch you can add to your clubs and other equipment.
Its amazing what we are seeing on the PGA Tours. Sometimes the OEMs do it as favors for the players and other times its a request the player has. - Richard Audi of GolfWRX.com said when asked about personalized gear on tour. As a tour player you can get pretty much anything you want for your equipment. We see reduced anti glare options like raw and satin finishes on their irons and wedges to unique stampings of phases or player initials. We see unique color variations in paint fill, custom shafts made for a specific person, custom colors for grips and the list goes on. They get their whole bag personalized if they are into it.
Fun times for the golf nut that wants more than off the rack. Changing times require different options. What we see on the tour is typically what we will see in the retail market a year later. Get ready for trends like these to hit the market soon. Here are some cool shots of some personalized gear from the tour.