Scotty Camerons California Line Creates Buzz


Scotty Cameron followers will be excited to learn about a new line of putters, the California Series, scheduled to be released next month. The latest cities that these gems will be named after are Del Mar, Monterey, Sonoma, and Coronado.

The California Series putters have softer lines and flared toes. In addition, there are minimal markings at address, and the shaft label is positioned under the shaft to enhance its clean appearance, which speaks to the simplicity of this set.

Each putter has a 'honey-dipped' finish, and depending on the lighting, may give off a pinkish or purple tone. The finish is meant to reduce glare and is from a heat treatment that is applied to the 303 stainless steel heads. 

Each new offering has a style for nearly every taste. Del Mar has a large, circular back flange and a high toe area.  The Sonoma has a plumber’s neck, rounded back flange, single alignment line, and longer face.  Monterey is an Anser-style blade with a single alignment line.  Coronado is a classic blade putter.

Rumor has it these putters will be available October 15th and will start at around $299. 

Buzz on the GolfWRX boards went into overdrive when pictures appeared:

“Man those are some really sweet looking putters. I'm glad that they have minimal markings and 'Titleist' instead of 'Cameron' on the back.”


“That Del Mar looks gorgeous; I might try it when it’s released.”


Those indoor shots of the finish are the best yet for the color I had been expecting. The rest of the pics seem too close to studio stainless models. I think a Monterey with an aftermarket sound slot should serve as a good flatstick.”


”Ooooo boy I can't wait for the Del Mar! Ever since the Del Mar 3.5 I wanted them to come out with another.”


Of course, it wasn’t all glowing commentary but why not check the buzz yourself at the Golf WRX forums where there is even more information and more pictures: