The Latest Buzz from Ping


By Apryl DeLancey, Writer
You can set your calendar every two years for the newest Ping offerings; they come out with new designs whether they need them or not. The latest lineup includes two drivers ' the i15 and G15 ' and five models of irons which include the S57 blade, a cavity-back i10, and a game improvement G10.
Ping i15 IronAlso receiving a great deal of buzz from GolfWRX visitors are the i15 irons. Readers have expressed an interest in a more forgiving cavity back and playable set of irons than the S57s and the i15s seem to fit the bill. Others believe that the G series is a satisfactory compromise between a blade and game-improvement iron. This new line has a more progressive offset than the previous lines and a large heel to toe that is closer to the i5 model. Interestingly, some believe that the cavity back is too busy. Others are falling all over themselves to get a better glimpse.
Ping i15 DriverIn addition to the iron launch Ping now has the much talked about i15 driver. With a blackish-titanium and black and red paint scheme it features a smaller head than the G15 driver. Ping drivers are always a popular choice for clubfitters and players around the world. While they arent square and dont have movable weights or adjustable screws of any kind, they really perform. Players like the accuracy and length they get from Ping drivers. Personally, whenever I demo a Ping driver I always get a favorable result.


Ping G15 DriverThe i15 driver is designed for the better player who likes to shape the ball off the tee, while the G15 is more forgiving and is reported to have less spin than the G10. The driver also launches the ball higher for greater carry distance.
Browsing around the equipment forums and blogs youll see that both ends of the spectrum are voiced about the looks of both the G15 and i15 offerings. There really seems to be no in-between. Golfers who love the look are true proponents and those who dont like the look are very passionate as well. For me, I dont care if it's hot pink and has flames on it. I just want performance!