Titleist D1 Review


Wintertime in the Midwest is probably not the opportune time in which to purchase a brand new driver, especially without any range time. I recently purchased the Titleist 907 D1 Driver with a Graphite Design YS6+ shaft and without range time I might add. I have been somewhat reluctant to get with the times and bag a size 460cc driver. Perhaps I have been very satisfied with my current gamer, a 395cc KZG Gemini with the exact same shaft set up. The D1 is the type of golf club that is intriguing; you want to buy it, but you are not totally sure if the monstrous looking triangular head is really for you. It sure looks bigger than 460 cc, although it's not. It sure looks like it could be really strange to hit, but again, it's really not. It sure looks expensive, and it is, but not really all that much more than my custom built KZG set me back. Your wallet will be lighter, but what the heck, swing away.
Yes, I actually purchased this driver without any range testing. I know, I know, that is a no-no in the here and now. Custom club fitting is all the rage. And, it really is recommended. However, I am more of a feel player and I was already familiar with the Graphite Design YS 6+ shaft. What can I say? In the middle of winter, I took the D1 home with me.
First Impressions:
The first thing I thought of when setting up to my ball was one of two very similar things, Darth Vader's helmet or Spaceballs' Darth Helmet himself. Well, maybe not that big, but this driver looms large. In all seriousness, it really takes very little time to adjust to the triangular head shape and once you do, it's all confidence and no hesitation. It sure looks much more pleasing than anything square. As usual, the quality is top notch, just like you would expect from anything Titleist. Swing away.
You don't actually hear anything really loud with the D1, it has a nice, somewhat muted sound when smashing your drive off the tee. If you are the type of golfer who equates feel with sound, it might take you a little while to get used to the D1, but don't give up on it.
The weather broke in January for a day and I took my new driver out for a spin. Without any range time, I was totally unsure of how I, or my rusty swing would react to this golf club. As I was getting ready to tee off with this behemoth, the stone caught my eye. Out of respect, I had to pause for a brief moment. You see, Bobby Jones himself hit the inaugural tee shot right from right where I was standing almost 70 years ago and it is forever etched into a granite block located in the back corner of the 1st tee box at Sharon Woods Golf Course. I wonder what Bobby would say if he saw me standing over my ball, brand new, gigantic sized triangular 460cc driver in hand, ready (somewhat) to hit a drive in the dead of winter. Swing away. I did and the ball went a near perfect 265-270 right smack down the middle. Immediately, I liked it. I liked it a lot. Although I had some difficulty judging this club completely in the mid 40's weather, I can sure say one thing, the D1 is extremely accurate and really wants to go straight. This is a tendency I enjoyed and can use more of in my own game. I can play a fade and I can play a draw. I usually don't play the shape of shot I really want or need at that present time, so this club's tendency to want to travel in straight line was very much welcomed. Off center hits garner decent distance on most tee shots. The D1 is a great all around performer that really inspires confidence on the tee, I wish I had more time with it, but I'll have to wait until Springtime to really run it through its paces. My low to mid 90's swing speed is well suited to the YS6+ shaft, it actually felt a might tip stiffer than the same shaft in my KZG, and I liked that.
Final Opinions:
If you have been reluctant to venture into the high MOI, 460cc driver realm, definitely take the Titleist 907 D1 for a spin. Try it at the range, grab a demo from a green grass golf shop and see what happens. The D1 is definitely a top gun in its class and after a few swings on the golf course, it really doesn't feel as big as it looks. Go ahead, swing away.