Titleist New Drivers Inside Scoop


Two new models of 909 Titleist drivers that are scheduled to be available in the fall made their U.S. PGA Tour debut at the U.S. Open.
The 909D2 is a 460cc titanium head with mid-range launch and spin. The 909D3 has a slightly smaller 440cc titanium head with mid-launch and lower spin.
A third model, the 909DComp, was not introduced to professionals at the U.S. Open and will probably make its debut this week. That driver model will have a 460cc multi-material titanium head that produces higher launch and mid-range spin.
Five 909 drivers - three 909D2s and two 909D3s - were in play at Torrey Pines, all by club pros and lesser-known Titleist players. Many of Titleist's top pros gave the new driver a try in practice or on the range, including Adam Scott, Steve Stricker, Brett Quigley and D.J. Trahan.
'While the year's second major wasn't the week to switch, keep an eye out for the new 909 drivers in the coming weeks on Tour,' said Titleist spokesman Joe Gomes in an email.
With the precise launch conditions and ball flights that the new drivers will offer, Titleist hopes to emphasize its ability to fit one of the models to a player's game


Titleist is not announcing when the 909 drivers may be available for sale, but it's likely to be fall 2008 before they are in retail outlets.

This is a big deal for the Titleist diehards. New drivers arent introduced by Titleist at the same frequency as some other manufactures. When they do launch new models the Titleist fans are lined up to talk shop.
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Quoted a Titleist fan from GolfWRX.com I notice it has Titleist written on the toe like the Cobra Pro Ds, pretty cool. Im betting this is all about performance rather than looks. If Titleist were reading the online feedback then launch characteristics of this should be spot on and if it does borrow from Cobra then we could have something that's as stupid-easy to hit like the L4V but looks much better for those who hate squares and triangles. Plus they'll be simple to reshaft too (due to non-bore through hosel). Titleist is on the right track.
Tough call for the traditionalist that like the standby traditional brushed sole. These latest prototypes show us a new look from Titleist with shiny chrome looks on the sole.
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