Titleists Fall 2009 Irons


By Apryl DeLancey, GolfWRX.com Writer

Titleist introduced its fall 2009 lineup of irons at the Buick Open in late July, and the early buzz on the shiny new blades is very positive. The '710' series, which is expected to hit stores in late fall, includes three models – the 710 MB, 710 CB, and 710 AP2 irons.

The 710 MB is a true muscle back, blade design which appears to have a thinner top line and more weight in the sole of the club. Word on the street is that it's a little more forgiving than most classic blade designs and produces a slightly higher ball flight than normal. 

Titelist 710 MB irons

The 710 CB irons are forged and have a thin sole with minimal offset. Golfers who prefer a compact-looking club will enjoy this one.

Titelist 710 CB irons

The 710 AP2 is considered the most forgiving of the Titleist cavity back designs, and will be available to the masses closer to 2010. It has a wider sole and longer heel-to-toe length than previous AP2 models. In addition, the medallion is one piece instead of the former generation’s two-piece design. A new two-way adhesive material is used and it is said to increase feel. 

Titelist 710 AP2 irons

At the Buick, several PGA Tour players commented about how much they liked the feel of the new Titleist irons, and made them immediate additions to their bags.

The naming convention is as follows: 710 is a series designator, with the 700 for irons, the 10 for 2010.  Stock shafts have not yet been announced and there is not a retail price listed yet.

As always, the GolfWRX forum had plenty to say about the look of each new club:

“Blades are uber sexy! Hopefully, they're available in lefty, too.”

“Love the look of the MB and CB [irons]. I like how they have gone back to a classic look and away from the Z on the back. The AP2s look great at first glance, but not so hot on the new rubber insert sticking out. But....true test is on the course!”

“Gosh, those blades are so chromed out they look like some 22s on some baller’s Tahoe. Those things look tight, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be bagging those AP2s to replace my R7s.”

“Superb pictures! All three clubs look awesome, in particular the 710 CBs which look out of this world. They remind me a bit of the old 690CB, a club I have always loved – even if I've never been good enough to play them. In terms of looks, Titleist is on the money with these clubs. They've kept them clean, simple and classic looking at a time when so many other OEMs are coming out with increasingly garish and tacky looking graphics.”