uPro GPS


GPS devices are quickly becoming a must have item for golfers. Hassle free yardages, faster pace of play, and accurate distance measurement are just a few benefits GPS provides.

uPlay, a newcomer to the golf market is ready to take GPS to the next level with the new uPro GPS device. Smaller and lighter than many other products on the market, the uPro does not skimp on features. In fact its ProMode mapped courses are able to provide a fly over of each hole. The system uses high resolution aerial photography and satellite imagery to give the golfer a clear picture of the hole they are about to play.

Once in the fairway, the SmartView feature takes over and gives the golfer a close up view of the green and a bird's eye view of the hole from the point they are playing from.

Traditinally, a drawback of GPS is being limited to predetermined points others have mapped. In ProMode the uPro AnyPoint feature allows for measurement of any point on the course providing the flexibility of a rangefinder with the convenience of GPS
There are no yearly memberships needed to use the uPro. Simply download courses as needed. Courses mapped with full ProMode functionality will be available for $10 initially while BasicMode courses cost $2. uPlay is currently in the process of mapping many courses throughout America.
The uPro is compatible with any USB computer (Mac or PC) and will ship to stores around the country in mid-April at a street price of $399.