Whats Your Number


Did you know that TaylorMade has a program called MyTP Ball where you can personalize your TP Red or TP Black golf balls by placing any two digit number of your choice on the ball?
Todays golfer has more options than ever. You can be just like the PGA Tour Pro you see every week with personalized balls. Just fill out a form online or at a local retailer and the balls will be sent to you.
TaylorMade TP Black and Red balls
And from now through December 10, you can get the customization at no extra cost as TaylorMade has waived the fee for the holidays.
We want to know 'Whats Your Ball Number?' Everyone has a favorite number and Tour pros customize the number on the ball they use. Now its your turn to tell your story in 75 words or less. Just be a registered member and click on the 'New Topic' Button' in this forum.
Whats the Payoff?
12 dozen MyTP Balls of your choice of (TP Red/TP Black). Thats one box for each month in 2009! The winner will be chosen December 25, by GolfWRX, by the quality of the answer. So get your 75 word or less Post in the 'Whats Your Number GolfWRXers?' forum today.