Closing Time â€' February 4, 2012


After a hectic week in golf for the crew of Grey Goose 19th Hole it’s time for us to say goodbye till next week. But here’s a couple of the highlights in case you missed it….

The guys talked about Phil’s play at Waste Management following rounds of 68 and 70, including his 24 putts in the first round and continued to debate if Phil was back to his old form. We relived Tripp’s famous run at the 16th hole in Phoenix while Jason Sobel made a guest appearance from the 16th as well, sharing his tweets from the fan-crazed hole.

The crew also gave their thoughts on Pebble Beach, including who they would want to play with. Tripp went with Pam Anderson while Rex would have picked George Lopez.

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Sound Off

Great tweeting this week, we had a lot of viewer feedback make air, 

but here are a few more opinions from the twitterverse.

@GreyGoose19Hole Phil still hits the ball as solid as anyone, he just needs to dial it in. He will be winning again in no time #Goose19

@GreyGoose19Hole pt.2. Webb Simson has also great potential, but personally I don't think he has that much experience as DJ. Go DJ!!

I LOVE that @TrippIsenhourGC is now on @GreyGoose19Hole with another one of faves @WinMcMurryGC! #goodtweeps

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