Closing Time - Feb 26, 2012


It was an exciting--and late--few days for the cast and crew at the Grey Goose 19th Hole, but we were excited to share our opinions during this week's WGC-Accenture Match Play. Jason and Tripp went head to head picking match-ups on Thursday and Sobel just squeaked out a victory. Though, Tripp tweeted, 'I batted .375 on my picks for the match play last night on @GreyGoose19Hole. Baseball good, golf not so much.'

We also heard from a lot of viewers, and most of you though Rory McIlroy will make it to number one in the world soon. Make sure to keep tweeting us during the week and your opinion could end up on air. And remember we'll be talking about the Honda Classic in the Sunshine State next week!

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We were on rather late this week, but don't worry we'll be returning to our regular midnight time slot. Thanks for staying up with us! #goose19

Jason Sobel ‏ @JasonSobelGC
Just about three hours until @GreyGoose19Hole. Take a nap or put on some coffee. Either way, see you at 2:30 a.m. ET tonight. Primetime!

AJ ‏ @StreetApproved5
@JasonSobelGC @greygoose19hole oh I'm up buddy waiting on you and the crew to give some of the best golf news. #bigfan

Best Golf Updates ‏ @FastGolfNews
@JasonSobelGC @greygoose19hole I guess I'll go make some coffee !!!

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