Sit down with Lara Baldesarra


Lara Baldesarra took a break from getting ready for Grey Goose to answer
 a few questions about moving to Orlando, working for the Golf Channel and more.

What do you like most about the Grey Goose 19th Hole?
Lara: You get to hear different opinions and sides of stories and explore various topics beyond who’s at the top of the leaderboard. WE also have the opportunity to touch on quirky subjects that may not make the new on other shows. 

What’s it like working for the Golf Channel?
Lara: It’s fun. There’s a lot of people involved in shows and production. It’s a real team atmosphere, that’s very nice to be a part of

How’s the Florida weather treating you?
Lara: I can’t believe we call it winter here! It’s nice to not have to bundle up. I find myself giggling at people who wear winter coats with fur when it’s so nice out. They’re obviously Florida natives!

What do you like to do outside of covering golf?
I love soccer, watching and playing. I’m always doing something whether it’s playing tennis, shooting around the basketball or running with my poodle Chloe.

Extra facts
Hometown: Toronto
School: University of Toronto
Hockey team: Maple Leafs
Favorite activities: Working on my putting, playing soccer and baking.

Follow Lara on twitter @LaraBaldesarra and find out about Grey Goose at @GreyGoose19Hole.