Sit down with Tripp Isenhour


Tripp Isenhour took time away from watching the Northern Trust Open to sit down and chat about the Grey Goose 19th Hole, working with Rex Hoggard and his adventures in tweeting.

Q: What's the best part about working on the Grey Goose 19th Hole?
I enjoy debating current topics about the game of golf. I played it my whole life and I love talking about it.

Q: What's it like being on TV and having the task to share your opinions with viewers?
The interesting thing about the job is the research required. If I have a hunch about something I have to go and let the numbers tell the story.

Q: You went from golfer to analyst, which is easier?
Both are challenging in unique ways.

Q: You and Rex Hoggard seem to have a knack for giving each other a hard time--on and off the set--what's it like working with him?
The hardest part is to lower my golf knowledge to his level. I don't want to talk over his head.

Q: You're a Twitter rookie, but you're really starting to gain some followers, how are you liking this social media?
Originally most of my followers were at Golf Channel, but it's growing on me. You have no idea though, how many tweets I write but don't send.

Q: What's a few fun facts that viewers don't know about you?
One of my hobbies is gourmet cooking. Right now I really like cioppino--an Italian stew. Since I played golf professionally for such a long time I didn't think I'd be able to enjoy playing just for fun and now I am.

We're all hoping that Tripp whips up something for us in the studio, he has cooked for Charlie Rymer before, and make sure you follow Tripp on Twitter @TrippIsenhourGC and tweet us at @GreyGoose19Hole.